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Finding Coupons

The most popular question when it comes to couponing is "where can I find coupons?".  The most popular place in the past was in your Sunday paper.  While coupons are still found in the Sunday paper, a lot of consumers have turned to printables.  Pro:  Select, print, and ready to use in minutes.  Cons: BEEPING! (I will go into detail about this later), ink usage, store acceptance, and "is it real?"


It is very easy to find printable coupons.  While there are  not printable coupons for everything, there are a lot!  I will list some of the website you can go to and find printables.  This list will grow over time as more coupons are added and sites are developed.  Once you find your coupon it is a matter of printing it, installing coupon printer software (this is installed directly from the site), and waiting for it to print.


BEEPING! - Oh boy!  Walmart has this great new "We Gladly Accept Manufacturer Coupons" policy.  Insert eye roll here.  I have rarely seen Walmart "gladly" do anything.  However, during a recent shopping trip, during checkout 3 of my coupons were not accepted (they beeped or would not scan because of the wacky barcode).  Now, if you know me, I pride myself on following coupon rules and double checking everything.  This being said, I am human and make mistakes.  I double checked the 3 coupons in questioned.  Pulled all 3 items out of my shopping bags (1 DVD, 3 boxes of crackers, and a Crayola item), showed the cashier and customer service manager.  I was greeted with "Won't scan, we don't take it."  I later called and talked to the store manager questioning the policy and how the coupons are programmed into their system.  She was quite upset about the CSM response to the coupons and we met.  I took her the coupons and the Veri-Fi printout and she agreed it was a mistake on their part for not accepting them.  Note:  These were all internet printed coupons.  Other stores do have this policy as well.  Hopefully you will not run into it, but since there are so many counterfeit internet coupons stores are very careful.  I cannot blame them for that.

Ink Usage - If  you can set your printer default to print in black ink only, this will help you GREATLY.  Most internet printed coupons do have print on them that states that the coupon may appear in black and white.  I have never really calculated out how much it costs to print a coupon versus buying a paper.  Considering some coupons can only be printed from the internet, well off to printing I go!

Store Acceptance - Be sure to check your store's individual policy on internet coupon acceptance (as even chain stores can be different from each other).  Some only accept 2 of the same kind.  Some only accept Free coupon if a purchase is requried (i.e. Buy one sponge get one sponge free).  Then there are those that do not accept any at all!

Is it real? - If you get an email with an attachment that has a coupon for FREE anything, it is most likely fake!  If it seems to good to be true it probably is in couponing.  Please DO NOT use these types of coupons knowing that they are most likely fake, it really ruins couponing for everyone else and just makes the policy stricter than they already are.  When in doubt, call the manufacturer, they can tell you if it is fake.  Some coupons also will have an option to verify them on the veri-fi.com website.  Use it if you are questioning the validity of your coupon!

Where to find printables (I will expand this list as I come across more - so check back often!)




Campbell's Kitchen

Betty Crocker

Box Tops for Education

Eat Better America

Every Day Saver


Coupon Network

Store Printables

Whole Foods Market


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