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Friday, February 15, 2013

Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam© at Allstate Arena - Look at this!

On Friday, February 8th we attended the Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam© at Allstate Arena.  Having never been to a monster truck show, I had no idea what to expect.  We had some other spectators that sat in front of us, my son and daughter were concerned about not being able to see.  This actually made my husband and I laugh, knowing the size of a monster truck and them not realizing.

Before the show actually started they had one heat of the Quad Wars© between Team Chicago and Team Miami.  Bummer that Team Miami beat Team Chicago considering the situation.  Before the official start of the monster trucks, the announcer took the time to honor active/retired military personnel and the Star Spangled Banner was played.  I have to say, this brought a few tears to my eyes.

Now for the main event!  The monster trucks started coming out and the look on the kids' faces were hysterical!  They had no idea what they were in for!

There was Grave Digger©

.....Maximum Destruction© (Max-D)


......Bounty Hunter &  Bad Habit

....El Toro Loco© & Grinder(TM)

....Team Hot Wheels & Rollin' Thunder


They also had a Smart car with a jet engine!!

...and while it was a bit chilly in the arena, this little car gave off enough heat to warm you right up!

Our favorite part of Monster Jam©  was the Monster Jam©  freestyle!  Watching them fly the trucks off of that pink and yellow dirt mound on the left in the pictures was INSANE!  I had a blast and the kids are already asking when we can go back.  One other really cool part was they had drivers giving away different things, such as parts of the trucks, toys, food, etc.  The drivers were also available after the event to sign!  I would have to say that if Monster Jam©  is ever in your area, give it a shot!  It was definitely more than we expected!!

Grave Digger driver Charlie Pauken giving away flags off of Grave Digger© !

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