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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Goals for 2013!

Ok, so we are getting ready to begin the 2nd week of 2013.  How are those New Years Resolutions, or the goals you have set for yourself for 2013 going?  I can tell you, mine are TERRIBLE!  I sit here smiling because every year its the same thing.  December 30th & 31st, I say, I am really going to change things....but I don't.  It may be because I never share my goals with anyone else (and that's ok), so I am not being held accountable.  I know that I need to be consistent for about a month in order to really change the things I want to.  So, this is what I am going to do.  I am going to list my goals for 2013 below.  Every week, I'm going to start by saying Sunday, but it may be Monday depending on how crazy the weekends get, I am going to post an update about how it is going.  Whether I am sticking to the goal, or if I didn't keep up for that week.

So here it goes:

  • Blog - I really let the blog slip last year.  Once Facebook made their changes, and I started seeing that only 1% of my readers were seeing my posts, I felt like it wasn't worth it.  New outlook:  If what I post helps one person than it matters!
  • Budget - I have budgeted for years now.  It's worth it and it 99% of the time prevents overdrafts in your accounts.  I cannot remember the last time I was overdrawn, and that is awesome.  Those fees will hit you at the most inopportune times.  I would like to be able to pad my budget a little this year.  As in, I would like to keep the dollar amount for the week we are in somewhere.  Whether it be cash or in savings, to build an emergency fund.  So for week 1, I should have $1, then this week I will add $2 to my $1.  So the most you will put into your fund would be $52 and that is at the end of the year. I HOPE to do this, but I am not going to beat myself up if I can't.  Things come up, but I also don't want that as an excuse.
  • Meal Planning - this is a big thing for me.  I want to meal plan for 2 weeks at a time.  First two weeks and then the last two weeks.  My goal with this is to STAY OUT OF THE STORE!  That should hopefully help my emergency fund too!  If I can do 2 bigger grocery shops, getting everything I need for the meal plan in one shop that should help with impulse purchases when I am panicking because I can't find anything for dinner.  The only thing I would have to return to the store for would be milk (maybe), produce, and bread.  At our stores, these are all located near the front of the store.  This means I will not have to walk by all those yummy things that I have no business buying.  Therefore I help my budget, my emergency fund, and my next goal.
  • Eating better & at home - Saying that I am going to eat healthy and never eat out of the house is unrealistic for us.  I would like to work on making more from scratch and eat at home more.  This should also help the budget and hopefully our bodies.  I am going to be a Pinteresting fool soon and be pinning everything (no I have not jumped on the bandwagon yet).  I don't mind if we eat out once in awhile (especially if I have gift cards, coupons, and kids eat free :) ), but for a family of 5 it's to much.  I also don't mind ordering food in, but I would like to try to add in more homemade pizza and things of the sort.  
  • Exercising - ugh.  I never exercise.  I am going to start with 1 day a week.  So my goal is to exercise one day a week for a month.  Then I will try to go to two.  I hate it.  I am going to try a couple videos and if all else fails, I will do the workout on Dance Central for the Kinect (when no one is looking!).
Those are my goals for right now.  This means you should start seeing me more, because I would love to post my meal plans for those of you that are like me and in a rut.  Maybe some more, "oh look at this deal," and of course coupons!  We will hopefully see some more product reviews and event reviews as well!

Do you have any goals you need to be held accountable for, go ahead and share!  I'd love to know I'm not the only one :)

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