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Monday, June 18, 2012

Saving money on meat....for example

We are definite meat eaters in my house.  Now, if that has anything to do with my husband and I being raised on farms, and my husband still working on his family farm, I don't know.  Anyhow, I am always still looking for the best deal on meat.

We found, two weekends ago, boneless pork loins at Sam's Club for $1.79/lb.  If you are familiar with a pork loin, you are going to ask, where are you putting that!  A boneless pork loin is probably about 2 feet long lol. 

My dad was showing me awhile back how to cut a whole pork loin to make pork chops.  My dad butterflies them, but I am not that talented.  On the loin we purchased, there was a picture on how to cut it to get the two roasts out of each end and your bonelss pork chops out of the center.  We did not keep the roasts, but cut them into pork chops as well.  I would say we cut our chops into 3/4."  Out of a 10 pound loin we managed 30 pork chops (not butterflied).  We then vacuum sealed them into portions that fit our family (5 per pack).  We paid $18.00 for 6 meals or $3 per meal for meat!!  We then walked over to the cut pork chops section and found that boneless pork chops, just like we cut were $2.79 per pound!  These came in 9 packs, and I do not keep meat in the store packaging when freezing, so factoring in the vacuum bags doesn't really matter in the equation for me.  So, for the same amount (10 lbs) I saved $10 or $1.65 per meal just by cutting the loin myself!

You may not have a Sam's Club or want to pay for the membership, we do because we use allergy medicine that is significantly cheaper at Sam's as well as vitamins and other items couponing can't bring as low.  But, I am sure if you keep a watch at your super market you will see the price difference between DIY meat cutting, and paying their staff to do it!

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