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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Great fresh fruit prices at Aldi!!

You may or may not shop at Aldi.  I don't mind shopping there, excep they do not accept ANY coupons.  I can get a lot of name brand items at Aldi price with coupons at other stores.  However, here in Illinois, produce coupons are very rare.  So, I do check produce prices often.  I was excited with the Aldi prices this week!!

Bananas - $0.29/lb (around here they are AT LEAST $0.49/lb)
Blueberries = $1.59/pint
Mango = $0.49 ea (around here a good price is $1.00/ea)
Whole Pineapple = $1.09 (ranging anywhere from $2 & up)
Strawberries = $1.19 for a 16 oz container (usually at least $2 per pound)

Be sure to check them out if you like to have fresh fruit for your family!!

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