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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

nomorerack - information on this great daily deals site!

What is nomorerack?
 nomorerack is a daily deals site that has 8 deals + 1 charity deal that goes live every day at
12 PM PST.  The deals are only good for one day.  

What makes nomorerack's daily deals so special?
 nomorerack usually has some great items anywhere from 60% to 90% off their retail price!

Ok, so the prices are so great, what about tax and shipping? 
nomorerack does not charge sales tax except for people in the state of New York.  Shipping is a flat $2 per item.

How long do the deals last?
Deals expire at 11:59 AM PST, unless they sell out first!

Does nomorerack have a referral program?
Yes!  The referral program is called friendrack.  They have GREAT incentive prizes, you can see the prizes here.  The difference between friendrack and most other referral programs, is that there is no purchase required!  All your friend has to do is sign up and their referral counts!

At the time of this post (11 p.m. CST) there were only 3 of the 9 deals still available!  This is a HOT site, register, and see for yourself!

**Disclaimer:  This post may contain affiliate links.  Please refer to my disclosure policy for further information.http://www.nomorerack.com/?cr=53430

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