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Monday, January 23, 2012

BzzCampaign Bzz: Smarterer

Recently I joined a campaign through BzzAgent. Now, if you do not know what BzzAgent is, it is a Word-of-Mouth marketing program. We, as BzzAgents, take surveys, and then based on our responses are offered campaigns pertaining to different products. We have the option of accepting the campaign or declining the campaign. The BzzCampaing I am currently working on is for a product called Smarterer. Smarterer is a website where you can take tests on many different things to "show what you know." As part of the campaign, I used Smarterer to take the BzzAgent test. I was surprised when I ranked in the top 20! I feel I know a lot about BzzAgent, but there were things I didn't. The really cool thing about Smarterer is, while you are showing off what you know, you are also being educated on the things you don't know. Some of the tests that they offer are for Facebook, Google +, Excel, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Twitter, and of course BzzAgent. Another fun thing is that you earn badges to post on social media sites or on your own site. So, go ahead, take a test, and show what you know, visit www.smarterer.com !! 

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